A counterpart to the Tabloid Headlines page, this page is for news headlines from respectable publications. Dates of publication are probably of greater interest here.

(Most recent at the top.)

YC 119

  • Is the debate over Intaki a Minmatar issue? (119.3.24) [1]
  • Experts say Sanxing reorganizations herald corporate split (119.3.20)
  • Sanxing operations ongoing: "I can't divulge details of ongoing operations." (119.2.28)

YC 118

  • Two dead after an assassination attempt on Xun Yu in the Mo Li Hua Teahouse! (20/12/118)
  • Xun Yu breaking his silence and giving a one-on-one interview, to be published in YC119.
  • Mei-Ha interstellar economy improving, 'Made in Lirsautton' and Sanxing's control of key orbital infrastructure credited.
  • Serpentis group "Manus Colubra" kill five and kidnap forty more from a Poteque freighter.
  • Shizu Station opens, promising employment and skills training to hundreds of thousands of refugees.
  • Peace process on Tei-Su continues with all sides hopeful for a positive outcome.
  • Sanxing employee responsible for the insults which destabilised the peace process on Tei-Su resigns.
  • Marriage of Xun Yu to Kolodi Ramal heralded as a watershed moment in Jin-Mei culture.
  • Peace process on Tei-Su looking unstable after the actions of a Sanxing employee.